About Kaia

Kaia is certified by ANFT as a Forest Therapy Guide. She brings to her Shinrin-Yoku forest bathing sessions a background in permaculture (PDC certified), wildcrafting. She also beings 45 years of meditation practice, sound healing training, exploration in shamanic healing and plant medicines. She has taught and led classes, workshops and ceremony increasing peace of mind since 1986, and has been teaching embodied awareness through yin, hatha and flow yoga classes at Carleton University since 2002.

A co-founder of Transition Ottawa, Kaia is also known as a speaker and advocate for environmental sustainability. She facilitates Ecstatic Dance events and is an occasional performing musician and singer best known for playing her harp.

Kaia earned an MA in psychology at Carleton University with a focus on scientific research and internal experience in meditation. She sees Shinrin-Yoku forest bathing as a beautiful way to help reduce anxiety and stress. Forest bathing brings us into closer alignment with the natural world and move towards restoring harmony on a collective level. She is interested in bringing this into education and health care, and using her science background to promote and extend ongoing research in the field.

For more about her life and work please visit kaia.ca.

Kaia is forest bathing, enjoying sunlight and the natural world.

At home in the natural world

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