Shinrin-Yoku forest bather connecting with the earth
Shinrin-Yoku forest bather connecting with a tree

The Shinrin-Yoku Forest Bathing Experience

We can all go out into the woods, just as we can all sit to meditate or do yoga in the living room, but do we, and when there, do we stop, take time to connect and experience in ways we usually don’t, or do we walk through as everyone else is?

The role of the facilitator

The skill of a Shinrin-Yoku facilitator is to invite busy minds to soften, let go, and enter the serenity we yearn for but don’t necessarily slow down sufficiently to enter by ourselves. The facilitator creates safety, makes it OK, as a group, to connect to trees, play on the water surface,¬†or take the time to lie on your back while you spend time with a simple invitation. We get to revisit a childhood sense of wonder at the incredible natural world around us that we usually walk on past, without noticing.

Forest bathing facilitation draws you closer to the essence of the forest, your own essence, and the powerful tranquility that comes with it. This tranquility, along with the phytocines and fragrances of the woodland, are what help us heal from stress, anxiety and trauma. Nature is healing. We just need guiding through her sensitive doors.

Shinrin-Yoku forest bather entranced by trees
Shinrin-Yoku forest bather melted into stillness

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