Shinrin-Yoku forest bather wears rain poncho

An inexpensive dollar store poncho is small, light-weight, and does a good enough job for gentle walking, and actually works better than a rain coat at a sit spot – you can tuck your knees under.

Shinrin-Yoku forest bather comfortable wearing a sun hat

A sunhat not only protects your head from the sun’s rays, but provides shade for your face and eyes, allowing you good vision without having a layer of sunglass filter between you and the natural world.


We don’t need to wear anything special for forest bathing. Push an edge – allow yourself to stand a little closer to the elements!

What should I wear?
Comfortable clothing warm enough for the day. Layers are great – the temperature of forest shade can be significantly cooler than meadow sunlight. Stretchy natural fabric is great. Sunhat, shades.

Do I need walking boots?
Forest bathing is an experience rather than a trek. You don’t need anything durable or hefty. Sneakers work great. Shoes with grip that lace, buckle or fit well enable you to easily climb or walk up a path. Needless to say heels aren’t a comfortable choice!

What do I need to bring?
Water, sunhat, and wear shoes that stay on your feet easily, preferably with a bit of grip is all you generally need. City spaces are less buggy than rural woodland, but if you are quite sensitive to mosquitos, bring repellent (but please spray away from others who might be chemically sensitive). If you’re really sensitive and you have a net shirt or hat, do bring it. A little note book can be great to capture insights and revelations.

Can I bring children?
Family sessions are for children of all ages, including us. You are responsible for looking out for your children’s safety and managing their moods sufficiently to not disrupt others’ workshop experience.¬†At adult walks, it all depends on how settled your child is. Some children can easily drop in an adult context and happily join in, some find this challenging. One child demanding attention can mean some other participants finding it more challenging to drop into an interconnected place of stillness. Two otherwise settled children can get get together to play a crazy wild game…! which won’t turn out to be what you signed up for either.

Can I leave before the session ends?
If something comes up that you need to leave early, please let the facilitator know (lest you be thought to have gotten lost in the woods!)

What happens if it’s raining?
It’s a delightful experience to be in woodland in light or intermittent rain – we just wear a rain shell. However, when heavy rain is forecast, especially combined with thunder and lightening, the session will be postponed. Check the ‘Updates’ page on the website. When weather looks to be treacherous, a decision will be posted two hours before the start time or before that time if weather conditions are clearly known. Your registration will transfer to another session of your choosing. If you are only available for that one day, you’ll be refunded.

I’d like to attend regular walks. Is there a package to make this more affordable?
THere’s a 25% discount for a five-walk registration – which could be used in registration for a couple or a group of friends.

I am low income. Is there any help for me?
Write to Kaia using the contact form. State your situation, your aspirations, perhaps offer other exchanges, and spark her interest in making things possible for you.


Shinrin-Yoku forest bathing footwear

Sneakers, pants ‘fashionably’ tucked in socks for tick prevention

Shinrin-Yoku forest bathers wearing a backpack frees up hands

In addition to carrying your water bottle, a backpack gives you a place to carry the shoes you’ve kicked off when your feet yearn to meet the forest floor.

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