Join us!

Choose the time, location and ability level that best suits you from those offered here Find sessions. Register. The updates page will have any rain check or cancellation information two hours before each walk. Walks will continue throughout light rain, but will be cancelled or postponed in the event of downpours, high winds, thunder and lightening. If nothing is listed, you’re good to go.

Individual and group sessions

If you have a group of friends you’d love to enjoy your forest bathing with, contact Kaia to find a time.  Forest bathing is a lovely way to celebrate with friends (birthday cake in the woods – beautiful!) – offering a way to be with friends in an unusual way, often offering different conversation and a deeper sense of being each other.

Accessibility, sun and shade

Information at each location will give you a rating for ease of walking, accessibility for those reliant on walking sticks or walkers. When in doubt, use the contact form. There will also be information on the expected sun and shade during a session when it is known so you can bring sun hats, wraps or whatever you might need.

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